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The DryBMS has been created with input from dry bulk ship managers and industry experts.

At its most basic it requires companies to meet existing legal requirements (Basic Level). The next three levels (Intermediate Level, Advanced Level and Excellence Level) allow companies to use best practice to raise their standards.

The DryBMS sets out 30 areas of management practice within four sections: Performance, People, Plant and Processes. Companies that improve in these four sections will deliver more safe, compliant and reliable operations, gaining a sustainable advantage over their competitors.


  • The programme increases dry bulk safety standards to the highest levels. It incorporates current international legislation, recognised guidelines and best practice from across the industry – not just in dry bulk shipping.
  • Shipowners and managers can easily demonstrate their operational excellence to stand out from the crowd and increase their attractiveness to charterers.
  • Ship operators can easily identify and plan the most effective management upgrades required across their company – saving time and money.
  • Charterers can show their commitment to operational safety by choosing from shipping service providers who adhere to the DryBMS.

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